ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY YEARS BEFORE the actual events came to fruition in the Middle East, two dedicated Bible scholars predicted accurately several key years in the then approaching conflict for tenure of the holy Land and Jerusalem, involving a long prophesised regathering of the Jews to their Promised Land, after nearly 2000 years of Diaspora.

Doctors Clarke and Guinness pointed well in advance to the coming years 1902, 1917, 1947-8 and 1967 AD, having based their predictions on the 2,500 year old Biblical book of Daniel.

Not only did their advance forecasts prove accurate decades later, but those key 'Signpost Years’ continue to mark events and developments in the holy Land, ever since their occurrence in modern times, that now represent the specific themes of serious contention in the struggle for Peace in that region today.

These following NOTES explain the rational behind the Clarke-Guinness thinking in as fast and concise a form as possible, and elaborations will follow. A second critical aim here is not to prove 'The Signpost Years' correct, but rather to use the scientific approach of attempting their falsification first. You can help either way by passing on any objective comments to this site.

PART 1 Is an Introduction and looks at each of the Signpost Years as they were foretold in the writings of Guinness and Clarke. It looks at many of the side issues and has a number of detailed footnotes.

PART 2 Looks at the period 1901 – 1903, and the first of the Signpost Years predicted by Clarke in 1825. This part explains the huge significance of the period and sets the scene for a further link that comes in Part 4.

PART 3 Begins to address some of the typical questions that might arise in the mind of the reader regarding the Signpost Years. Items are added to this from time to time as new considerations are brought to light. Again, feel free to contribute any comments that will add to those pages.

PART 4 Looks at the Signpost Years in the light of the last 6 months of Christ’s Ministry, and especially the last week of messages He imparted to His followers for the future. It ties directly back into PART 2.




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Monday, 31 March 2014


No small fuss is being made on the internet regarding ‘blood moons’, a tetrad sequence of four successive total lunar eclipses, which rare event is said to be associated with key happenings in the history of national Israel.

The series starts today (14mar31) with the first lunation and crescent of the series -- running in total until September 2015.

This has some contingency on the Signpost Years since Clarke indicated the year 2015 in his writings, and the ‘blood moons’ have some contingency with the era around 1948 and 1967 also.

First then, here are the basic astronomical elements of the current tetrad as they relate to an observer in the UK.


(North Wales)

(1) 15 April 2914 Total Lunar Eclipse
moon rises: 2048 sets: 0616 [BST]

magnitude 1.30

partial phase begins: 0702

total phase begins: 0810

time of maximum eclipse: 0846

total phase ends: 0928

partial phase ends: 1036

Visible: West in Asia, East in N America, and parts of S America (partial phase only just clips UK through France and W Africa).


(2) 29 April 2013 Partial Solar Eclipse
sun rises: 0544 sets: 2044 [BST]

time of maximum eclipse: 0706

eclipse is partial, magnitude 0.99

Visible: in the southern hemisphere, all of Australia and south India ocean.

(3) 8 October 2014 Total Lunar Eclipse
moon rises: 1837 sets: 0723 [BST]

magnitude 1.16 total

partial phase begins: 1017

total phase begins: 1127

time of maximum eclipse: 1156

total phase ends: 1224

partial phase ends: 1335

Visible: West in Asia and Australia, parts of NW America and partially so in NE and S America.


(4) 23 Oct 2014 Partial Solar Eclipse
sun rises: 0759 sun sets: 1801 [BST]

time of maximum eclipse: 2243

eclipse is partial, magnitude 0.82

Visible: East in Alaska, much of N America and Canada.


(5) 20 March 2015 Total Solar eclipse
sun rises: 0619 sun set: 1829 [GMT]

time of maximum eclipse: 0945

Visible: eclipse is total in: Svalbard islands, Norway.

- partial in many other northern hemisphere locations: UK, Spain, Central Europe, N Russia, clips N Africa and into Israel.

NB. It will be spectacular in N Wales with only a small crescent of the southern sun left visible at mid-eclipse.


(6) 4 April 2015 Total Lunar Eclipse

moon rises: 2008 sets: 0644 [BST]

magnitude 1.1 total

partial phase begins: 1118

time of total eclipse: 1300

duration of total phase: less than 300 seconds.

partial phase ends: 1446

[NASA gives umbra-shadow contacts of u2 = 11.57.54 to u3 = 12.02.37 Universal Time, making a total phase of only 283 seconds !]

Visible: well aspected in East Australia, all new Zealand as total. Widely visible for parts of the partial phases in N and S America, China, Russia, India, Vietnam.


(7) 13 Sept 2015 Partial Solar Eclipse
sun rises: 0645 sun set: 1938 [BST]

time of maximum eclipse: 0754

eclipse is partial, magnitude 0.79

Visible: in the southern hemisphere only for S Africa, Antarctic, Atlantic and Indian oceans.

(8) 28 Sept 2015 Total Lunar Eclipse
moon rises: 1919 sets: 0727 [BST]

magnitude: 1.27 total

partial phase begins: 0208

total phase begins: 0312

time of maximum eclipse: 0348

total phase ends: 0423

partial phase ends: 0527

Visible: Greenland to Antarctic, N and S America, Alaska, Canada, UK, east Europe, Africa, Middle-east, India, Norway, eastward to central Russia, India and Tibet.

NB: This will be an especially lovely aspect in Israel, as the sun comes up over the eastern horizon, the whole tetrad sequence will end with the moon setting into the western horizon, with the earths shadow simultaneously retreating off the moons face.


All times are for North Wales coast Bangor-Llandudno, 24 hour clock, and adjusted for seasonal GMT or BST on the given occasion.

Magnitude solar eclipse 0.90 means 90% of sun covered AT THE LOCATIONS where the effect is maximum, other areas on earth will see a lesser cover. A magnitude 1.60 lunar eclipse means the moon is totally covered, and will be embedded in 60% of the earths potential total shadow, at maximum. Observer location makes very little difference in lunar magnitudes.


West in UK means the object, sun or moon, will be in the western sky in the UK at the mid-point of the event.


Eclipses may be available to view in real- time by NASA Live feed around the globe on internet. However, be correct to match any times for local N Wales with global observatory times.

(March 2014)